Beat your Osgood Schlatters pain in just seven weeks

This ground-breaking rehabilitation program can treat the cause of Osgood pain and get you back to sport fast.

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Fixing Osgood Schlatters is one of the most meaningful rehabilitations we do at the Core Advantage High Performance Centre.

Time and time again this program has defied conventional wisdom, helping young athletes return to sport pain-free while still in the middle of a growth spurt.

I am happy that so many more athletes around the world can now benefit from this program online,  get out of pain, and get back to the sport they love.

We started developing this unique rehabilitation program in 2014 after an athlete named Sarah came to Core Advantage in incredible Osgood Schlatters pain. I wrote about her experience in detail in a blog post, which you can read here.

Less than 20 minutes a day

Rehab is boring, that's why our quick and effective workouts are short enough to fit in even the busiest athlete's schedule.

Designed for young athletes

Fast results encourages teenagers to stick with the plan. Most athletes typically see pain reduced by half within two weeks!

Long term benefits

Safely teaches strength, mobility, and movement skill to prevent Osgood Schlatters pain from coming back forever.

At-home workouts

You don't need a fully fitted gym to succeed. Only minimal equipment is required so the program can be done right at home.

Return to sport fast

Many athletes using this program can return to their sport after just weeks, not months as normally prescribed.

Created by experts

With  25 years combined experience, the team behind this program have helped hundreds of athletes achieve their dreams.

Get the Osgood Schlatters treatment program

A comprehensive seven week training plan to treat the cause of the pain. Includes helpful resources,  professional support, and access to a supportive Facebook community.

$59.95 USD

Hundreds of young athletes have overcome Osgood Schlatters with our program

With a diligent approach to a well-developed and easy-to-follow program, our son is now pain free after 6 weeks.
David Green
I happened upon this website and thought we’d take a chance on it and I am so glad we did.
Kristi Friske
Amazing Results! Doctors gave us the typical treatment options but I knew there must be something better. Within 6 weeks he was 95% better, and I cannot be happier with the results
Jordan Mayers

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Osgood Schlatters can be beaten

Our seven week age-appropriate training program makes it possible to fix Osgood Schlatter Disease and return to sport in a matter of days or weeks, not months.