Week 6 - Quickness

Foot speed

Now it's time to build on the elasticity from last week and continue to develop an efficient and powerful running and change of direction stride.

A faster stride rate is the key ingredient to unlocking your true speed potential and is an integral part of agility and change of direction potential, something we will continue to work on in coming weeks.

Let’s get started.

Week six Training:

We have adjusted the volumes for all of your drills this week so you will be doing less of each activity, saving some time to work on this weeks new drills: Two variations of a Piston Run: Over ankles & over calves and continuous running with a metronome.

Athletic Warm-Up

No changes to your warm up, keep on rolling, stretching and activating every time you train! For a refresher you can go to the exercise library to make sure you are doing these drills correctly.

Drills & Skills

Piston run

A hybrid between high knees and butt kicks, the piston run is a drill designed to improve your reactivity, shorten up your ground contact time and ultimately speed up cadence.

There are two variations of these to do a low version over ankles and a higher version over calves. Refer to the videos for instructions and remember to check your workbook for the sets and reps you will need to do this week. You may like to use our metronome timer when doing piston runs setting the tempo at 180BPM and trying to match your leg speed with the beat.

Running sets

At the end of your running work you will complete a short block of continuous running with a metronome to guide your stride cadence. These short runs are designed to improve your ability to stay relaxed while running and improve leg speed and shorten ground contact, making you faster and lighter over the ground.

The best way to do these at an open football ground/park running in a big circle on grass or gravel. The Core Advantage interval timer contains a metronome timer option which you can download onto your phone and use to help with your running rhythm. Get it for free on both iPhone and Android.

Strength Workouts

No new exercises today, keep an eye on the workbook for the sets and reps you will need to complete this week. And check in on the exercise library for a reminder on technique.

That’s it for week 6!

Remember to check out the exercise library for detailed instructions and demonstrations of each exercise. Then follow along with your workbook to complete this weeks training.