Week 8 - Change of direction

Starts, stops & turns

We are almost at the end! For this second last week we will introduce two new concepts. A 180º turn and a more deliberate focus on deceleration done across all of your sprints. Pay close attention to the videos with these as they are the most advanced movements included to date.

Let’s get started.

Week eight Training:

No new technique drills this week, but there are two new advanced running set points of emphasis: decelerations and the 180º turn. Watch the videos below to see how you will implement these drills.

Athletic Warm-Up

No changes to your warm up, keep on rolling, stretching and activating every time you train! For a refresher you can go to the exercise library to make sure you are doing these drills correctly.

Drills & Skills

No new drills or skills this week, keep an eye on the workbook for the sets, reps and distances you will need to run this week.

Running sets

180º turn

An important and fundamental skill for a whole range of sports. Watch the video for details on how to execute these smoothly. You will incorporate the 180º turn into your transition to sprint runs.


Finally, this week you will start paying more attention to your deceleration ability, learning how to stop in an efficient and safe way. In the video we explain how to execute this skill efficiently. You will be working on this deceleration ability on all of your sprints, start gently and decrease the deceleration distance as you get more comfortable with the skill.

Strength Workouts

No new exercises today, keep an eye on the workbook for the sets and reps you will need to complete this week. And check in on the exercise library for a reminder on technique.

That’s it for week 8!

Remember to check out the exercise library for detailed instructions and demonstrations of each exercise. Then follow along with your workbook to complete this weeks training.