Week 7 - Squatting Range And Advanced Stretches

This final week we encourage you to start increasing the range of motion of your squats to further challenge and strengthen your legs and core.
Congratulations on making it this far! We'd love to hear your feedback on your experience with the program. This feedback goes a long way to help us continue our mission to help athletes around the world treat their Osgood Schlatters, as well as making program improvements.

This week's activities

For week seven we will be introducing the final piece of the program, two advanced stretches. You will do these advanced stretches in the daily routine after the basic stretches and before the glute activation. Now is also the time to start increasing the range of motion of your squats, just remember to keep these in a 0pain free range of motion, and be sure to sit back into your glutes.

Just like last week with the movement skill, start all these new exercises very gently and be sure to read the instructions below carefully.

The daily routine is still to be done every day:

  • Foam rolling, 10 rolls each position
  • The Crouching Three stretches, 30 seconds per position each leg
  • The advanced stretches, 30 seconds per position each leg
  • Glute activation routine, five reps each leg for each variation

The workout needs to be done three times per week, with at least 48 hours rest between each one:

  • Knee isometrics, four sets of 30 seconds each leg
  • Postage stamp jumps, four sets. See workbook for reps
  • High hip skip, four sets. See workbook for reps
  • Squats (increased range), four sets. See workbook for reps
  • Calf raises, three sets. See workbook for reps

Remember to keep logging your pain levels before and after the days program

Squatting Range And Advanced Stretches

You made it to the last week, congratulations!

This week we encourage you to start increasing the range of motion of your squats to further challenge and strengthen your legs and core. We have also included two more advanced stretches, one for the quadriceps, and another for your ankles. Both stretches are very beneficial but they do place more pressure on your knees so be gentle starting these and if they still cause discomfort and pain stop immediately.

Squatting Range

In order to beat your Osgood completely, you need to strengthen your quads and knees to the point that they are comfortable squatting into a deeper range of motion.

It’s time to start testing out a slightly deeper squat. Using a seat or bench to control depth, start gently trying to add just a little extra range of motion to your squat each session.

Depending on your height, limb length and coordination there is a lower limit to how deep you should squat, for most people, if you can achieve a 90-degree bend at the knee while keeping your back neutral (not rounding over) is a good long-term goal to strive for.

Advanced Stretches

These advanced stretches are a huge part of the puzzle for not only eliminating your Osgood completely but also for enhancing your overall athletic performance.


  • Both of these stretches are more advanced and can put pressure on the knees. Start very gently and if they cause any problem stop immediately.
  • Hold each stretch gently for 30 seconds per leg.
  • Do not do these stretches immediately prior to sport. These stretches are never to be done in the 60 minutes prior to sport. They are however perfect for after training or competition as part of a cool down or when done as part of your daily mobility and flexibility routine.
  • Keep your core engaged to avoid overarching through the lower back.
  • Use something soft to protect your knee during the Rec Fem stretch.
  • DO NOT stretch through joint pain.

Kneeling Rec Fem Stretch

The kneeling rec fem stretch below is our favourite quad stretch, as it locks down the rec fem from both ends so it has nowhere to hide.

Be sure to use something soft to rest your knee on and hold onto something for balance. Be gentle, the goal is a smooth even stretch. The closer your knee to the wall the more intense the stretch. Start very gently.

Knee to Wall Dorsiflexion Stretch

The knee to wall dorsiflexion stretch is a great general mobilisation drill for the ankle joint and stretch for the lower calf.

Be sure to keep your body straight (belly button facing the wall) and maintain alignment with the knee staying directly over the middle of the foot as you stretch.

Here Maddie is stretching her right leg (the front leg). Notice how she keeps her entire body and leg straight on to the wall

What To Do After Week Seven

Congratulations on completing the Core Advantage Osgood Schlatter Disease Pain Elimination Program.

To minimise the risk of a return of your knee pain we recommend you continue doing the week seven daily routine every day, and complete the week seven workout three at least twice a week. Not only will this reduce the chances of an Osgood recurrence but it will also keep you strong and make you a better overall athlete.

The other thing to keep in mind now that you are feeling pain free and moving better is not to go overboard on your return to sport.

We recommend athletes perform a smooth ramp up in their sporting volumes and intensity, aiming to gradually return to full sport over a period of 4-6 weeks. For more advice and tips on how to do this, refer back to week five.

We have never seen this program fail when completed with 100% adherence. If you get to the end of the program and still have not had any decrease in your pain levels, please refer to the knowledge base for help with more specific problems and troubleshooting. If you wanted to get in touch directly please reach out via the Facebook Support Group.

Well done on completing the program

Don't stop now, keep performing as much of the activity from week 7 on a weekly basis and be sure to check out our seven week running program. This was written as a follow on program from the Osgood plan as a way to help young athletes become faster and more efficient runners. You can find it on the Core Advantage website. Seven week running program.