Our Money Back Guarantee

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We understand that you may be uncertain about purchasing an injury rehabilitation program online, that’s why we offer a no questions asked refund guarantee across all of our online products.

Our Osgood-Schlatters Disease treatment program is incredibly effective at eliminating knee pain and strengthening athletes so they can return to playing sport with confidence.

However, as with any treatment program, there are instances where some athletes might see different results, and it’s because of this, we offer support from our expert coaches to tailor a solution to help get your Osgood Schlatters pain under control.

If you remain unsatisfied with our treatment program and coach support at any point during the 7-weeks, we’ll happily process a no questions asked refund, which may take about 7 days to complete. You will still have access to the Osgood Schlatters treatment program in case you’d like to try it again in the future.

We really mean it

We want you to have full confidence in your decision to start the Osgood treatment program, and get the same incredible benefits other athletes are seeing. That’s why when we receive a message from a customer who isn’t seeing the desired results, we aim to help you get a positive result from the program, or refund your money on the spot.

In this instance (below) , the customer was seeking a refund and to not continue with the program. You can see in the screenshots below, we processed the refund the next day, and followed up to try and resolve their Osgood pain.

Osgood treatment program refund policyOsgood Schlatters treatment program refund policy

Our priority is eliminating your Osgood pain, even after processing a refund, our coaches will provide you with support and guidance. We hope that this guarantee instills the confidence you need to get started on your Osgood Schlatters treatment journey.

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