Osgood Schlatters treatment program
The secret to curing Osgood Schlatters treatment program
The secret to curing Osgood Schlatters treatment program
The secret to curing Osgood Schlatters treatment program

Osgood Schlatters Treatment Program

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Cure Osgood Schlatters pain forever by treating the root cause. Many athletes reduce their pain by 50% in 2 weeks, and they can quickly get back to the sport they love. Join 2500+ athletes who have fixed Osgood pain!

  • Suitable for athletes of all ages
  • One payment for lifetime access to the program
  • Complete exercises at home or the gym in a few minutes every day
  • Online program hub with all the resources you need
  • Access to our private Facebook community of 700+ people

You will retain access to the Severs Program and be able to access the Osgood Program.

Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited & Lifetime Access
Instant Delivery

All the support and information you need

Progressive 7 week training plan

Video and image instructions

Training logbook to track your progress

Strategic return to sport plan

Ever-expanding knowledge base

Support from expert coaches

How does this Osgood Schlatters pain elimination program work?

Our program teaches young athletes how to rapidly strengthen their way out of the disease, and get back to playing the sport they love in a matter of days or weeks.

Suitable for athletes of all ages, this program can be completed at home or in the gym in only minutes each day.

Most cases see a rapid reduction in pain over the first two weeks, with pain eliminated before the end of the seventh week.

It is not uncommon to be completely pain free within the first 1-2 weeks.

This unique program takes a multidimensional approach to treat the root cause of Osgood Schlatters.

In each session, you and your child will cure your knee pain with a combination of:

  • Self-massage
  • Flexibility
  • Age-appropriate strengthening
  • Movement skill training

These elements will not only drastically reduce  pain but also help minimise the risk of Osgood Schlatters re-occuring.

You will receive all the information and support needed to complete the program, along with a day-by-day checklist helping you every step of the way as you cure Osgood Schlatters forever.

We are so confident this program works that we offer a money-back guarantee! Our goal is simply to get everybody who suffers from Osgood Schlatters free of pain and back doing what they love.

It is truly fantastic when we get feedback like the email below:

I’m just writing to thank Core Advantage for this great program. This past summer my 10 year-old daughter was diagnosed with OS, and our doctor said rest was the only real treatment. There was a real possibility of her missing her upcoming soccer season, which was a huge blow to her.

We were sent a link to this program by a coach, and decided to give it a try.

What a great program and it did exactly what it said it would do (which seems like a rarity nowadays!). One week in, her pain was at a level that allowed her to compete in a weekend tournament with her soccer team (a week earlier we weren’t sure we were even going to go).

She’s in week seven now, and is playing pain free (she’s recorded 0’s and 1’s for the past three weeks) for the first time in months. On top of that, she’s learned more about training, about when she needs to slow things down and listen to her body, but also what her true capabilities are.

Thank you, Core Advantage! I can definitely say, as a customer, that we got a lot more out of this product than we paid. Thank you again!

- SSK (mother)

This is exactly the kind of result we expect to see when you follow the program. And like SSK's daughter, if you have been diagnosed with Osgood you have probably been told that resting for months or even years is the only cure.

We are very excited to say that is not the case!

To learn more read some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently asked questions

Here are quick answers to many of the most common question about the program.

How effective is this program?

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Can I keep playing sport?

What about skiing or cycling?

How important is movement skill?

Does this program work for adults?

Do I have to join a gym?

How did you develop this program?

Osgood Schlatters treatment program

Delivered completely online directly through this website, the program provides all the information and support needed, along with a day-by-day checklist helping you every step of the way as you cure your Osgood Schlatters forever.

Gain instant access for a single upfront payment. No ongoing fees or subscription required.

$85 USD