Severs Week 3b - Extra measures for Severs Disease

Is your Severs pain not progressing as quickly as you would like? These additional measures may be helpful.

This week's activities

Severs Disease can be a little more stubborn than Osgood when training. Because the calf and ankle are so heavily involved in running and agility loading, the heels can be much more sensitive to intense training and stubborn in their recovery. This is why we took some time before releasing this training program.

If at this point in the program your heels are not beginning to experience reduced pain levels, you might like to try some of the interventions listed here on this page. These measures are not part of the standard seven week training plan, but may give you a little boost to get over the edge.

Foot release work

The fascial and tendon connections from the achilles don't just stop at the heel bone, they continue on and under the foot into the plantar fascia and along into the toes.

As a result, it is not uncommon for Severs to be as much of an issue of tight feet as it is of tight calves. To release this tension you can get a lacrosse ball, tennis ball or golf ball and gently apply pressure to the bottom of your foot, massaging out any tension and tight spots. Start very carefully with this and be sure to work the whole bottom of the foot.

try doing 1-2 minutes of this on each foot daily.

Toe walking

Another great exercise to focus on the muscles of the feet is toe walking.

Toe walking is exactly as it sounds and involves slow controlled walking in bare feet up and down a track staying on your toes and not letting the heels touch the ground.

Start with 1-2 laps of a 5m track at the end of your workout routine and build to 2-3 sets of a 10m track.

That's it for Week 3b

Continue foam rolling routine, performing the calf isometric holds and now add in the, stretches, glute activation, bridges and squats. You can find the exact sets and reps to complete in your workbook.

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