"It worked like a charm"

It's stories like Annie's which make putting this program online totally worth it. Hear from Annie about her experience with our Osgood Schlatter program.‍

An email from Annie

We live in Alaska, I have 2 boys who play soccer, ages 12 and 18. About 8 years ago my oldest son started to have heel pain and played through the pain for a couple years until he fractured the heels of both feet. We didn't know how serious it could get and he had to use a wheelchair to get around for few months. He did a lot of physical therapy and rehab to get back to soccer again only to have Osgood's pop up in his knees a few years later. Again more therapy, pt, time off, supplements, ice, tons of stretching, you name it. Nothing really helped that much. He played varsity in high school, but his level of play never got back to where it was and he always had some pain.

So when my 12 year old started to complain of a tenderness in the knee I didn't wait for a diagnosis. I knew the symptoms well, I searched for a better solution and found this program. We started it right away, did it every day, to the exact specifications. It worked like a charm. By the second week there was no pain. He continued through the full 7 weeks, even if he was traveling for tournaments. I recommended it for another boy on the team who had Osgoods, but he broke his femur before he was able to start the program. I have passed on the info to the entire team. I think every player could benefit from this program at age 12 and continue it through the growing years. I actually did the program with him, just to support him, and I felt so much more flexible and my legs felt younger. Which sounds weird, but I wasn't creaky and stiff in the mornings anymore, and no more tight IT bands coming down the steep mountain slopes! 

I just can't say enough about it! And now my 12 year old has not missed any key games and tournaments due to injuries. He was selected for a youth academy team in Oregon, the western regional olympic development team, and an elite player camp in Arizona.

We are going to continue this program, even though he has no pain, as much as possible through the growing years.

Thank you for offering it online! And sharing it with the world! We would never have been able to go to Melbourne.

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