Week 2 - Running Light

Moving light

Lightness of movement is all about learning to strike the ground with the mid-foot, using your calves and glutes to absorb the ground reaction forces of running and jumping.

By doing this, you deload the joints from wear and tear and reduce the effect of braking forces, helping you maintain top speed, making you faster and more efficient. Scroll down to view the instructions for this weeks training.

If you haven’t already, you can download the training workbook here.

Run or walk, but never jog

In our gym jogging is a swear word. We much prefer our athletes either walk, run, or sprint.

You can run slowly, but it still needs to be running.

Jogging is a weird hybrid movement that was literally invented in the 1970s and is only possible because of cushioned shoes that disguise the jarring forces on the body.

Check out the video to learn more.

Jogging is a biomechanically awkward hybrid of walking and running, with all the stress and velocity of running but in the pattern of a walk, with the loads entering the leg through the heels into a straight leg, jarring the knee and lower back.

Week Two Training:

For this week we will introduce two more technique drills, each aimed at promoting a different component of lightness. Along with your Drills & Skills training continue with your new running warm-up routine before every training session and continue doing the strength workout sessions three times a week, pay close attention to the sets and reps as they will continue to change every week.

For reminders of each of the exercises you can visit the exercise library where all the drills are laid out on a single page.

Athletic Warm-Up

No changes to your warm up, keep on rolling, stretching and activating every time you train.

Foam rolling:

Take your time with the rolls and be sure to cover the full length of the muscle.

Static Stretching:

The crouching three stretches. These are an athletes best friend, opening up the hips for better mobility and greater speed and jumping ability.

Glute Activation:

The gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in your body, better wake it up before we get to training hard!

Drills & Skills

Along with the arm swings, stationary marches, from week one, there are two new drills being added this week, High Hip Skips and ninja landings.

Refer to the videos for instructions on how to do these and remember to check your workbook for the sets and reps you will need to do for each session.

High hip skips

A great way to build on the arm swings and marching you have been doing. Focus on landing and pushing through the mid foot, swinging your arms and staying relaxed.

Ninja landings

These will be a staple through out the program, start with easy, small jumps for the first few weeks aiming to jump and land out of the great squatting pattern you have already been practicing.

Running sets

No new running variations this week, keep an eye on the workbook for the reps, intensities, and distances you will need to run this week.

Strength Workouts

No new exercises this week, keep an eye on the workbook for the sets and reps you will need to complete this week and check out the exercise library for a reminder on technique.

That’s it for week two!

Follow along with this program in your workbook and check back in for the week three progressions soon