Week 7 - First step power

Getting Organised

This week has a big focus on developing early power as we incorporate some transitions and change of direction work.

Sport is so often chaotic and random, so you don’t always know where you are going to be, where the ball or an opponent is going to come from or in what direction you might need to move next. Having good spatial and bodily awareness is essential to how well you can react to this unpredictability. This week you will be working on your ability to get organised and move in all directions.

Let’s get started.

Week seven Training:

This week we are adding two drills focused specifically on improving your ability to get organised rapidly for movement. In your Drills and Skills you will work on a progression of the tall to small, where you will now add in an explosive lateral step. Then in your running sets you will start working on a drill called transitions.

Athletic Warm-Up

No changes to your warm up, keep on rolling, stretching and activating every time you train! For a refresher you can go to the exercise library to make sure you are doing these drills correctly.

Drills & Skills

Tall to small to lateral

Building on your tall to small, this week you will start adding an explosive lateral step after dropping down into the small position . Watch the video for a demo.

Video coming soon

Running sets


One of the most important sprinting drills for your sporting acceleration. The ability to get your limbs organised early and efficiently is a crucial step in developing usable speed and agility. In the video you will see two variations, a stationary transition drill to work on limb organisation and a combined transition to sprint drill to build this coordination into your sprinting.

Strength Workouts

No new exercises today, keep an eye on the workbook for the sets and reps you will need to complete this week. And check in on the exercise library for a reminder on technique.

That’s it for week 7!

Remember to check out the exercise library for detailed instructions and demonstrations of each exercise. Then follow along with your workbook to complete this weeks training.