Osgood schlatter knee brace - The best brace to relieve your OSD knee pain

Osgood schlatter can benefit from wearing a lightweight strap, brace or compression sleeve to relieve pain. Here are the best brace options for Osgood knee pain

Almost everyone who experiences knee pain has considered using a supportive brace or compression sleeve to help alleviate their symptoms. If you visit your local Walgreens or Boots there are often rows of orthopaedic supports for the knees.

The question of course is do these knee braces help with Osgood Schlatters?

(If you want to know about kinesiology tape, read our article Using KT tape for Osgood Schlatters Disease.)

Best brace for osgood schlatter disease

If you came here for a specific product recommendation, you are in luck, here are our favourite braces, straps and sleeves to help with your Osgood knee pain.

NOTE: I strongly recommend you read the full article, while a knee brace is effective at supporting the knee and reducing your Osgood schlatter knee pain, a brace will not treat or get rid of your Osgood, it simply masks the pain. You still need to treat the underlying causes of your knee pain with strength exercises, stretching and appropriate training modifications.

(BEST) Simple knee strap/brace for the patella tendon

This is the best option in the category, a simple velcro strap that applies gentle pressure under the knee directly onto the patella tendon.

(RUNNER UP) Full cover knee brace for Osgood schlatter disease

A more serious option, this brace covers the knee entirely. Providing some level of knock protection, warmth and pressure to the patella tendon.

I strongly recommend trying the knee strap linked about before this heavier knee brace.

(ALTERNATIVE) Compression sleeve for Osgood Schlatter disease

A lower level option that might be useful for some people is to wear a padded compression knee sleeve. While these do not actually support the knee or tendon, they can reduce the severity of knocks and falls and keep the knee warm.

Benefits of knee braces for Osgood Schlatter disease

If you have been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters, it is likely there have been times when a knee brace seems like something that can help. So do knee braces have benefits if you have OSD?

Braces can definitely be useful. They are pretty good at helping calm down your sensation of pain in the knee, as well as provide a feeling of confidence and support.

Many people experience a pleasant tactile sensation when using a knee brace or sleeve that can help reduce pain acutely while they recover from Osgood Schlatters. Braces don’t really do anything specific to help with the causes of Osgood Schlatter pain, but they can feel nice.

It is not really clear why knee braces have this pain reducing impact. Quite possibly the effect is a placebo, but placebos are actually powerful and can be extremely effective in treating pain.

A benefit of knee sleeves and pads (rather than braces) is they can provide protection for the sensitive area of the knee from knocks and bangs. If you have a pronounced “Osgood lump” below the knee cap it can often feel like a magnet for running into things! Having the layer of padding around the knee is a great idea especially when playing sport.

Negatives of using knee braces for Osgood Schlatters

Unfortunately many people mis-use knee braces and sleeves when they have Osgood Schlatters.

Using a knee brace or compression sleeve as a “band-aid” and pushing through the pain will likely make your Osgood Schlatters worse. Trying to hide or mask your pain can actually slow the recovery and even make your knee pain worse in the long run.

What is really important for treating OSD is to tackle the root cause of your knee pain. This is done by gaining back the strength and mobility needed to support the knee while learning good movement mechanics so you can be truly pain-free in the long-term. Many people use a brace as a way of trying to ignore their pain, but inevitably without making bigger changes to your strength, mobility, and tendon health, the pain will come back worse than ever.

A better approach is to use a knee brace, sleeve, or strap for occasional comfort and support, while also making sure to address the root cause by following sensible training plan like our online seven week Osgood Schlatters treatment program.

Osgood brace alternatives - straps and sleeves

If a full knee brace feels too bulky or restrictive, you might consider using a knee strap or sleeve as an alternative. Knee straps are designed to apply targeted pressure to the patellar tendon, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with Osgood Schlatter Disease. They are typically made of a thin, elastic material and can be easily worn under clothing.

Knee sleeves, on the other hand, provide compression and support to the entire knee joint. They can help improve blood flow, reduce swelling, and provide a sense of stability to the knee. Knee sleeves are often made of neoprene or other breathable materials, making them comfortable to wear during physical activity.

Both knee straps and sleeves can be effective alternatives to a full knee brace, depending on your individual needs and preferences. It's important to choose a product that fits well and provides the right level of support and compression without being too tight or restrictive.

Osgood brace alternatives - kt taping

Another alternative to using a knee brace for Osgood Schlatter Disease is kinesiology tape, also known as KT tape. This type of tape is designed to provide support and stability to the knee joint without restricting movement.

If you're interested in learning more about how to use KT tape for Osgood Schlatter Disease, be sure to check out our blog post on osgood schlatter taping.

Remember, while knee braces, straps, sleeves, and tape can all be helpful tools in managing Osgood Schlatter pain, they should be used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the underlying causes of the condition.

Can you wear a knee brace for Osgood Schlatters?

If you are following a plan to treat Osgood Schlatters, a knee brace, strap or sleeve can be a useful tool to assist with your pain and general mobility for daily life.

But a brace will not fix your Osgood schaltters.

The goal in a sensible treatment program is to gradually build your strength and function while managing the load through the knee. Part of this plan requires you to be sensitive to changes in your knee pain as an indicator of progression. Any significant increase in pain is a good indicator that you may be rushing through the steps required to treat Osgood Schlatters.

During our online Osgood Schlatters Treatment Program we recommend people use a sleeve or brace if it feels good for them with confidence to gradually increase their sports load. In fact our program does not require you to stop playing sport, so a sleeve or knee pads can be helpful while pain is still present and to help minimise the risk of hard knocks.

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