Does Osgood Schlatter Disease Exist in Adults?

With the number of adults who have fixed their Osgood pain on our program, it seems that OSD can happen in adults!

Based on the number of adults who have successfully used our adult-specific program to treat their Osgood Schlatters pain, it seems that OSD certainly exists amongst adults!

Untreated childhood Osgood Schlatter Disease

Most of the adults who contact us and then follow our training program suffered from Osgood Schlatters as children. Frequently they were told to stop playing sport and eventually “grew out” of the symptoms.

Unfortunately they also “grew out” of being active! As adults when they attempt to become more active again, hit the gym, or join a social sports team their OSD pain returned.

Many adults who had OSD as a child still have a pronounced bump under their knee which never went away. This bump is usually a calcification of the bone where the patella tendon connects to the shin. The only way to fix this iswith surgery which can be incredibly time consuming, painful and even expensive! But luckily, the bump itself is not actually the cause of Osgood pain.

In these adult cases of Osgood symptoms it is best to at least attempt to resolve the Osgood Schlatters with a non-invasive treatment plan like our online program before considering surgery. Many adults have responded very well to our program and were able to return to a much more active lifestyle than ever before.

Our program is designed to be implemented over seven weeks, but typically we see the treatment for adults can take a little longer than for children, they need to add additional weeks at various points to achieve complete pain relief.

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Adult onset Osgood Schlatters is unlikely

It is generally unlikely that adults who never had Osgood as a child can develop Osgood Schlatters in adulthood for the first time. Remember, the key cause of OSD and it's defining characteristic is related to rapid bone growth. Not something seen in adults!

Most adult who develop Osgood-like symptoms are actually suffering from a very similar condition commonly called “runners knee” or “jumpers knee”. These are both terms for a condition known as patella tendonopathy (sometimes called tendonitis, although "-itis" is no longer an accurate term) rather than Osgood Schlatters disease.

This condition has very similar symptoms to OSD and frequently occurs because of sudden increase or change in physical activity, especially running, jumping and impact sports like basketball. Often we hear from people who have recently taken up a new sport, begun training for a marathon, or changed to a new much more active job when their pain begins.

Happily for you, tendonopathies respond very well to the exact same training as Osgood Schlatters, as a result we still suggest trying out our program as it can still be incredibly effective for a tendonopathy. Keep in mind we have a genuine no-questions-asked money back guarantee. We encourage you to give the program a go and see if some dedicated time working on mobility, flexibility and strength can resolve your knee pain for life!

Just be sure to check with your doctor or physiotherapist (physical therapist), or osteopath to get a confirmed diagnosis of what is causing your knee pain. Other knee conditions might not respond as well to our program as Osgood or Tendonopathy does.

When it is not Osgood Schlatters

Aside from patella tendonopathy described above, there are several potential causes of knee pain which should be diagnosed by a medical professional.

It is critical that you receive a diagnosis before commencing a treatment plan of any kind.

If you had Osgood Schlatters as a child that was untreated and you now have knee pain as an adult it is still important to seek a medical diagnosis in case it is something unrelated and not a tendonopathy.

If do have a diagnosis of Osgood or patella tendonopathy, you might want to try our adult-specific training program it is highly effective for both conditions.

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