Week 4 - Speed in curves

Curved running

Congratulations on making it to week four. By this stage of the program you should be comfortable with the running drills from previous weeks it's now time to progress from straight line movements onto some smooth agility and change of direction work with curved sprinting and S runs. This week we will also be moving to an alternating A/B pattern with your workouts.

Let’s get started.

Week Four Training:

Because the library of movements is continuing to grow, you will no longer do every drill each workout, instead they will rotate on an "A" and "B" plan across the weeks, pay attention to each sessions exact activities in the workbook. And remember you can refer to the exercise library for all the instructional videos.

There are two new activities this week, both done during your running sets; curved sprints and S running, both are to be completed in every session this week in your running work.

Athletic Warm-Up

No changes to your warm up, keep on rolling, stretching and activating every time you train! For a refresher you can go to the exercise library to make sure you are doing these drills correctly.

Drills & Skills

No new drills or skills this week, keep an eye on the workbook for the sets, reps and distances you will need to run this week. Also note that you will not do every exercise in every workout, some movements will only be done once or twice per week.

Running sets

There are two new running efforts for this week, they will build on the straight line work you have already been doing with the added challenge of angled running.

Curved Sprints

Done just like a regular sprint, but instead of running straight you will run around a bend, To do this set up a few cones in a gentle curved shape, start at cone one and run hard around the bend, slowing after the final cone. Be sure to do equal efforts in each direction

S running

These are tighter more continuous angled runs done with a more free form shape. Aim to get 4-6 total turns in a 20m track, covering a width of 5-7metres/yards.

Strength Workouts

No new exercises today, keep an eye on the workbook for the sets and reps you will need to complete this week. And check in on the exercise library for a reminder on technique.

That’s it for week 4!

Remember to check out the exercise library for detailed instructions and demonstrations of each exercise. Then follow along with your workbook to complete this weeks training.