Week 5 - Bounce

More intensity

For this week and next the focus is about building explosiveness and intensity into all of your movements, especially through the ankle joint.

The calf achilles complex is one of the greatest gifts to the human body, a big powerful muscle and an achilles tendon stronger than steel connected directly to our foot for both absorbing ground reaction forces and generating tremendous power. When we run or jump with a mid-foot focus the elastic nature of our calf-achilles can give us up to 30% of the ground reaction forces it absorbs back as free energy, propelling us into the next stride!

Let’s get started.

Week five Training:

One new drill for this week, along with three new strength exercises focused on the core and upper body. Your strength program will also move to an alternating "A" and "B" plan from this week, so look carefully in the workbook for these changes.

Athletic Warm-Up

No changes to your warm up, keep on rolling, stretching and activating every time you train! For a refresher you can go to the exercise library to make sure you are doing these drills correctly.

Drills & Skills

Double leg springs

A great exercise for developing lightness and elasticity through the calves. Start light and small with these, and remember to stay on the ball of your foot as you bounce off the ground.

Running sets

There are no new running efforts for this week, just keep an eye on your workbook for reps, distances and intensities.

Strength Workouts

This week we introduce push ups, planks and side planks, plus begin an alternating training plan with an "A" and a "B" workout so pay close attention to the workbook for each workouts exact details.

Push ups:
Front Plank:
Side Plank:

That’s it for week 5!

Remember to check out the exercise library for detailed instructions and demonstrations of each exercise. Then follow along with your workbook to complete this weeks training.