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Everything you need to complete the program and reduce your Osgood pain is outlined on this website. This page, is your home base for everything you need to complete the program. We recommend bookmarking this page for easy access in the future.

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Additional programs

At Core Advantage, we do more than just treat Osgood Schlatters. Browse our store for training programs that might be suited to your sporting needs. Use the code osgoodsevers to get 30% off any program.

A severs disease treatment training program

Get the Severs treatment program

A comprehensive seven week training plan to treat the cause of growing pain in the ankles and heels. Includes helpful resources,  professional support, and access to a supportive Facebook community.

$59.95 USD

Return to sport program

Make for lost time with the unstoppable athletes 7-week program. The sequel to  Osgood and Severs programs, build speed, power, skill and fitness with this age-appropriate athletic development plan.

$59.95 USD